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Wraparound Sunglasses
Wraparounds Eyewear
Our super selection of wrap style eyewear includes many different features and cutting-edge styles. We offer a variety lenses including smoke, mirror, amber, yellow, fade, clear and photochromatic.  Other features include padded, wire and plastic frames. All of our sunglasses and goggles meet or exceed the UVA/UVB and impact resistance ANSI Safety Standards.




The baddest of our wraps with a style that looks great on men and women.  100% UV Polycarbonate lenses including one for night riding.  How bad can you get?


Another new addition to our WRAP sunglass line. FAT WRAP extra large wraparound lenses are designed to provide maximum protection against sun, wind, and glare while motorcycling. Surprisingly, they fit small and large faces equally well.  Lens colors include grey, clear, and silver mirror.

Who says big isn't beautiful?
The fattest of all our wraps,
this big Bertha of sunglasses
gives you a great goggle style
without a fat price.  Live large.


It's not your average hog.  These 'BABES' have it all.  Full coverage lenses that allow full peripheral vision.  Comfort fit frame with ear grips to keep your glasses tight on your head. 


These popular styles feature a unique spring hinge normally found only on more expensive sunglasses. The spring hinge makes for stronger temples less apt to break from wear and tear. The smoke or clear lenses meet ANSI Z80.3 UV requirements and come in a black frame.


Unique Spring Hinge for stronger temples.
Don't mess with this bad dude!  You'll be outmaneuvered by spring hinges, wicked styling, and a price you can't argue with.


Unique Spring Hinge for stronger temples.
Hot like the desert on a summer day, the Phoenix offers spring hinges and full fashion styling at a comfortably cool price.


The Slim Jim sports a smooth aerodynamic style that fits close to the face.  They are rapidly becoming one of our most popular styles


Born in the 50's, The Wrap is the original wraparound sunglass. Designed to fit close to the face and to fit most wearers. This hard to find glass has always been available from 
Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc

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